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Are you bored of making status and if you want to edit your photo, then I have brought it for you in this article. There is a cool Lightroom preset called Lightroom blue tone preset and you can download it in one click. Then how to use the preset without any problem. All this will be told in this article. If you do not know how to use, then definitely read the article, because only after reading the article you will be able to clear. How will you be able to use it?

How to use presets

Let me tell you the simple trick to use. You have to do. Share the preset you want and add it to your Lightroom and after that what to do now you have opened the preset. There you will find 3dot. After that you have to set the copy and have now added your photo there. In Lightroom and then also have to open your photo. There also you will get 3dot. Clicking on it, you will get the option of paste setting there. You paste it on it, now the filter of the preset will appear on your photo. In this way you can use it.

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